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"Face mask for people wearing glasses."

This product was meant for a specific category: people wearing glasses. This product uses glasses’ beams to support face mask, leaving ears, neck and hair free. 

It's a one size because the product was created with the aim of being able to adapt to the many types of glasses and faces; it's in fact adjustable by two cords that run along the sides of the mask.





This mask was designed to fit on anyone; for this reason, at the first use the user creates his own size. It is recommended to do this in front of a mirror. Just place the mask on your face and adjust it with the help of the four cylindrical stoppers. Then just tie a knot and cut the excess thread to create your own personalized mask.

Face Mask designed for the global emergency caused by Covid-19. A common problem for people wearing glasses is that the lenses tend to mist up. To solve this issue I added inside a piece of fabric useful avoiding the air from the nose to tarnish the glasses. This Face Mask has two different fabrics: the Kolf fabric on the outside. It is smooth and two-way stretch. It has dense texture and It is very comfortable and strong.



First template model, after perfected by creating the 2.0 model.


Mask created in collaboration with the Paper S.rl. and designed during the quarantine that involved Italy at the end of February 2020. Subsequently, given the request, it was designed with different materials to be able to adapt to any type of faces.

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