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Ricercalcubo is an exhibition commissioned by AIRC, an association for cancer research and made in collaboration with TheFabLab and ToScience. I started working on the branding. Regarding the graphic, I made the logo, booklet and rollup. The rollup has been exposed at the exhibition entrance. I designed the graphics of the four stands. Finally, I made videos for each stand.

There is a type of scientific research, called basic or fundamental, which arises from the curiosity or intuition of researchers and has no immediate practical purpose. But it is precisely from this type of research - pure and disinterested - that unpredictable discoveries have often arisen which have then had extraordinary repercussions, for example in the oncological field. Through the narration of some stories of research and researchers, the interactive exhibition Ricercalcubo takes us on a path of exploration of the world of basic research, showing different aspects. The fulcrum of the exhibition itinerary is a totem, a black cube, a symbol of the unknown and the key to accessing the thematic stations of the exhibition. But without knowledge solutions cannot be found: it will therefore be necessary to understand how to connect the fragments to one another in order to be able to illuminate part of the many faces of cancer research (AIRC, 2022).

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